Packaging trends of 2020

29 May 2020

Packaging influences a product’s first impression on consumers and their decision whether or not to buy it. Discover the packaging design trends for 2020.

1. Sustainability and green choices

Companies and consumers are always more concerned about how their choices impact on the environment. That’s why they prefer sustainable and recyclable packaging or products that come from recycling materials.

2. Augmented Packaging

Augmented reality offers brands huge potential to personalise their packaging and increase interaction with buyers. It is really easy to use this technique! If consumers scan the QR code on label they can have access to extra contents: videos, usage tutorials, detailed technical data sheets, ingredients information and so on.

3. Emotional involvement

Nowadays, people don’t buy products – they buy experiences.
In order to raise emotions, packaging should be studied and designed to meet customers needs. So customisation has become always more important because it crates an emotional connection between brands and consumers.

4. Minimalism

Being essential is a key element in packaging design. Minimalism helps to focus attention on few elements that characterise brand and product, making them immediately recognisable and clear.

5. Gradient colors

These shades give a hint of freshness and uniqueness to packaging and catch attention by retaining design and simplicity at the same time. Gradient colours add multidimensionality to products and refresh their design.